Aphorismae Novissimae 

I. The current state of idiocy in this mad world testifies to the fact that the best individual solution is resignation: as it stands, the bear hibernates and Schopenhauer masticates.

II. The rudest a man becomes quite the humble gent when he finds himself in a land whereof he speaks not the language.

III. We envy those whom we do not understand and yet are offended when others do so to us.

IV. Reason is what separates man from beast, yet proud men of habit do many things for no good reason.

V. The 21st century has sang very many number one songs about love; in fact, we have made her our god.

VI. All the evils in the world do not make a ripple in the pond of complaint that goes into an uproar the day gas prices go up: socially aware citizens

VII. The day we remove complaints from the equation of small talk is the day the whole world becomes mute.

VIII. The generation that sells truth for relationships will be the generation that will usher in the destruction of us all.

IX. The question: ‘Is the glass is half empty or half full’ is irrelevant when the glass itself is opaque.

X. An apple a day will keep you just shy of relative starvation.


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