Ten Eclectic Aphorisms

I. True zeal is not fanaticism, but is, properly speaking steadfastness, patience, endurance.

II. The best books are always plain, but firmly bound on the outside whilst being rich in wisdom on the inside–so too the best men.

III. The wealthy man despairs over his vain and empty life, while the pauper despairs over his lack of riches and comfort: “if only…” say they.

IV. The man who says “No Regrets” is the man who has never lived for anyone save himself.

V. The libertines who cry “carpe diem” are very good snatching at thin air.

VI. The mores of our culture are like the waves of the sea–better yet, quicksand.

VII. The difference between a friend and an enemy is as subtle a being able to laugh at oneself.

VIII. The United States is certainty the beacon of hope, freedom, and liberty to all men: perusal through Facebook testifies of this.

IX. YouTube comments: a knockdown argument for the T in the Calvinist TULIP.

X. “I haven’t read the book but I saw the movie and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.”

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