Brent is a thirty-two year old teacher, writer and poet currently residing in South Florida. He earned a B.A. in history from American Public University, an M.Div. in theological studies from Liberty Divinity School, a Th.M in historical theology from Calvin Theological Seminary, and was a doctoral student at the University of Aberdeen studying the German idealist philosopher Friedrich Schelling, before withdrawing from the program to focus on his own personal and professional pursuits.

He is married to an amazing woman, Stephanie, and has two children: Alexandra, 5, and Tiago, 1. He currently is a full time licensed real estate agent, investor, and property manager active in both New Jersey and Florida. Notwithstanding his acute coffee addiction, he enjoys a variety of things such as reading and literature, news & politics, health & fitness, cooking & baking, and veganism. He maintains devoted to philosophy and theology as discovery of self and life, and enjoys the discussion of ideas as eduction for future generations. His family and two pet cats presently reside in Pompano Beach, FL.

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“All material contained herein is Copyright © Brent McCulley 2022”

Further inquiries: bmmcculley@gmail.com


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