25 More Aphorisms

Twenty-Five More Aphorisms: February 2014

I. The 21st century has truly given us something paradoxical: as technology increases, intelligence decreases.

II. As a well draws up water from the deepest springs, so too does music capture the truest emotions of the soul.

III. Books: an intellectual gymnasium.

IV. God’s love is existentially felt commensurate to His transcendence being apprehended—a miserable wretch before a Sovereign King.

V. Atheists are comics in disguise—fancying themselves serious when they run about with thanksgiving: but to Whom?

VI. Mankind left to his own devices will simply bask in his physical and spiritual filth; the latter went unchanged, but the former was grasped by the horns—thus, the bath was superseded by the shower.

VII. A generous gift, bestowed upon an unworthy recipient, forthwith abused unto destruction—the recipient demands another: the “me” generation.

VIII. Sitting in silence: a lost art form.

IX. A castaway surrounded by oceans is a mind in the midst of despair.

X. The philosophers tell us that words have no meaning: In order to make sure we understand their meaning they write lengthy tomes.

XI. The most ironical paradox hitherto known: social media.

XII. Nietzsche’s transvaluation has occurred—as it is, mankind is found wanting.

XIII. The poor are our peacemakers; they are rich in spirit.

XIV. The sensual touch is best understood in combination with spiritual penetration: behold! the two become one flesh.

XV. Whither art thou, ye prophets, ye idealists? Sound asleep—oblivious to the forthcoming madness.

XVI. Only in the restlessness of night, under moonlight’s grimace, are man’s convictions laid bare.

XVII. Americans are desperate for shortcuts in life—to where?, they have not a clue.

XVIII. Hitherto, post-modernity’s god has not risen above the definition of ‘passion.’

XIX. Feeling: the god of the age.


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