25 Aphorisms

Twenty-Five Aphorisms: February 2014.

I. Oh the irony of laughter—one is never quite sure if they are laughing with you or at you.

II. A companion in the worst times, and a lover in the best—someone who will sit in silence with you, and never ask: “why.”

III. The collective West champions itself on its forward progress, the individual remains idle notwithstanding.

IV. As small stone creates a ripple in pond, so too does a small idea create an extraordinary effect—but first, he must become a martyr.

V. Mankind is wont to taking and loth to giving: 21st century “love.”

VI. Affirming value when convenient, and denying value when inconvenient: post-modernity

VII.As the jeweler appreciates the intrinsic value thereof, so does true manhood cherish her substance—he does not pawn her only wanting to find out her worth.

VIII. The insatiable passionate selfless fire, consuming the selfish impure dross of vanity: behold, the two become one flesh.

IX. Twenty-four hours found wanting make for 1,440 minutes of idle melancholy: the latter is more unbearable.

X. Sleep—a daily vacation.

XI. American philosophy is wholly ironic—the rise of the dysfunctional family, the demise of pragmatism.

XII. The reality of life lies in its unreality; this is not a paradox, but merely a discrepancy.

XIII. Life is not fair: the sweetest truth I have ever tasted.

XIV. The West has believed a lie—everyone wants to be ‘happy’ ; yet to this day, their definition cannot rise above ‘indulgence.’

XV. That melancholy is inescapable does not necessitate vulgarity: her companionship is a drug.

XVI. “How dare the individual,” saith the collective, “accuse me of monotony!” “One second, the mail’s here.”

XVII. The litmus test for backboneless leeches: “It works for you but not for me.”

XVIII. When leaders rise up, they are crucified; as such, America forthwith continues to complain.”

XIX. Coffee, books, and solace: my personal trinity.

XX. American motto: ‘The bigger the better’ ; the ego included.

XXI. The materialist scoffs at the theist, “One cannot touch God!” Behold! a daughter—he is spiritually touched.

XXII. Truth has comical ways of manifesting itself: God’s sense of humor.

XXIII. The collective demands free-will, the individual makes no such demands; the former sways to-and-fro in each passing dialectical wave, the latter stands on solid ground.

XXIV. To give oneself entirely away; to be wholly consumed by another—so does the soul long for true love.

XXV. Idle minds complain about their neighbor, and complain about their complaints: 21st century “speech.”


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