Harnack on “Calvinism”

“I say nothing of the arrogant habit of those who, because they agree with the Augustinian doctrine, not only openly credit themselves with possessing ‘positive’ Christianity, but also denounce their opponents as ‘half-believers.’ For this nonsense Augustine is not responsible, and it only made its appearance in the nineteenth century. It is only in our days that evangelical Christendom has permitted itself to be terrorized by people who bear the deeper ‘knowledge of sin’ as a motto, and with this shield guard themselves against the counsel to be just and modest” (History of Dogma, Bk. V, Ch. III, p. 75, Dover ed.).

It would seem that Calvinists have yet to break the stereotype. May we, as reformed folk, take Harnack’s words to heart now, just as they ought to have been then.



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