40 Miscellaneous Maxims

Written from March 2014 – November 2014

1. Death is inevitable, yet men flee from her grasp: Happy is the man who embraces her with a kiss.

2. Preoccupation and unnecessary business: the destroyers of serious contemplation and fruitful inquiry.

3. Silence has a song—blessed is the man who can hear her voice ring out at the midnight hour.

4 Self-absorption, pleasure, and naivety: a triune western formula that leads to Sheol.

5. Men are loth to accept the reality of objective truth notwithstanding the fact that they are wont to blindly hurrying by it.

6. “Of what use is philosophy to me?” Said the dreadfully bad philosopher.

7.  A poignant truth: that the book has been superseded by the TV. The former was a genuine friend in a time of need, whilst the latter is a deceiver in disguise.

8. You drink coffee in the morn? You do well, but there is one thing you lack. The drinking is necessary but sitting in silence is essential.

9. Quiet contemplation: a lost art form.

10. The West lives on the fat of the land yet thereupon denies the existence of food—an allegory for truth.

11. Do not question ‘The Machine’ or else! So goes our national anthem.

12. Melancholy and Loneliness are inseparable friends—I have known them both since childhood.

13. Self-loathing is inexorably antecedent to self-immolation; both are necessary preparatory actions commensurate to the preparedness of the willing sufferer.

14. Who exercises boredom but the feeble-minded dregs of society? It is for this reason why culture strives so hard to be a busybody.

15. Ultimate Ontology is not illusive; to the contrary men epistemically fear it, opting instead to live in disillusion.

16. After twenty-three centuries, Socratic dialogue, and creative inquiry, has been ominously assassinated for something far more passive: TV watching.

17. Wherefore do men believe it is unmasculine to cry, spending their entire lives damming the flood waters of tears—is it no marvel that they are stubborn asses?

18. Existential subjectivity is the gateway to unlocking all ontological truth at the objective tier.

19. Truth known only epistemologically is impersonal, known only existentially is fanatical—only when both are known together can a man be acutely aware of Reality.

20. Productivity: the layman’s sanctification.

21. Willful ignorance and voluntary distraction: America’s favorite duo.

22. To care not for life, yet long for death: a conundrum of epic proportion.

23. All great men die alone, yet it is the misunderstood who are greatest of them all.

24. Creativity finds home in the aesthetic, yet it is those dreamers of mind who truly explore her depths.

25. Everything is so loud; it is for that reason why I prefer to live within the solace of my mind.

26. This world is absolutely absurd; but the pinnacle absurdity lies in the fact that one cannot escape that absurdity.

27. We are all dying; we are all drowning in despair. For death comes so silently, and we will all sleep.

28. The lie of the century: “mankind’s chief end is its own self-preservation and happiness.”

29. There are two things that make a man content; nay, three that make him great: a good beer, a good book, and a good woman.

30. Kierkegaard came to faith by years of agonizing dialectical negations of Christianity; others by simply waking up and saying: “yes, Lord.”

31. Who is the man who is strong willed enough to doubt: everything hitherto accepted as truth, could it in fact be an intoxicating illusion?

32. The lot of every man in this life is simply this: to suffer. Do you dare to prove me otherwise?

33. Americans prides themselves on being patriotic: this is merely a veneer to mask their shame.

34. This century has truly constructed a unique ethical house of cards, but lo! it is fortuitous, and will soon come crumbling down.

35. Women desperately desire to be accepted, and men to impress; but in doing so they confuse and consequently embitter one another to the point of frustration: the true American marriage.

36. If the world truly is absurd, it is truly too deluded to ever come to the knowledge of the aforesaid–for it is too busy exalting itself.

37. Our contemporary culture intoxicates itself with music that is so ghastly, so devoid of anything substantive, that they have unwittingly redefined what it means to listen to “music” No more notes, no, just more noise. A qualitative difference, and an egregious one at that.

38. Hollywood parades materialism, lambasting theism, yet produces virulent horror flicks circumnavigating the biblical scope: ha! The plebeians eat it up, for this is their fodder τραγῳδίας.

39. The Lower Man decries the thought of suffering; the Higher Man embraces it reverentially as an elder who remains stoically at the gate.

40. Death is the final equalizer: take this to heart, all ye busybodies and meaningless producers!




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