20 Aphorisms

Twenty Aphorisms: February–March 2014

I. As the sailor navigates blindly without a compass, and the explorer is lost without a map, so to is philosophizing without the Word just idle speculation.

II. He who indulges in ego-boosting social extravaganzas: the “life” of the party.

III. Solace: a true philosopher’s handmaiden.

IV. He that is restless whilst alone has not stared loneliness in the face; he that is tranquil whilst alone knows her facial features—even her hollow eyes.

V. Utilitarian ethic in a world bent towards destruction truly produces the consequent greatest good: self-immolation.

VI. Immeasurable distance can be traversed in the mind—if only we have the courage to explore its uncharted territory!

VII. On philosophizing: With a hammer à la Nietzsche or in ignorance à la Socrates—the former is more impressive, but the latter is more rewarding.

VIII. It takes only zeal to die for a cause; forsooth!, but it take integrity to live for one.

IX. Skepticism: A metaphysic that lacks the courage to take a stand.

X. Meditations on death are life’s truest medicine—poignant, somber, and reflective.

XI. Is not political synonymous with manipulative? And democratic synonymous with mob rule? As it is, the blind lead the blind: the inevitable pit awaits.

XII. False dichotomies: the new dialectic of the age.

XIII. Loneliness is far more companionable than she is credited—to be sure, we have daily amicable discourse!

XIV. Tears are simply the manifestation of ineffable longings for another world.

XV. The Epicureans erred; the Stoics too—emotive suffering is the fuel that existentially refines the noblest of men.

XVI. Mankind is depraved—a fact known only as much as one stares in the mirror.

XVII. Sociologists proclaim that we can change the world, yet psychologists tell us we cannot even change ourselves!

XVIII. Insanity is not, contrary to popular opinion, repeatedly doing the same action and expecting different results—wherefore, if it was, is not the whole world gone mad?

XIX. As a cold drink is refreshing to a thirsty man, so too is a love letter from afar rejuvenating to a weary soul.

XX. Where the theologian is systematic, the philosopher is creative; the former is descriptive, but the latter is inventive.


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